Episode 48

Published on:

22nd Nov, 2023

Episode 46

Published on:

8th Nov, 2023

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About the Podcast

Mystical Sisterhood
Mystical Sisterhood is a celebration of the sacred spaces where joy, healing and community converge. The weekly podcast is hosted by Maureen Spielman, a Soul Care Coach, conscious mother of 3 amazing kids and (eternal) student of the wisdom teachings. Maureen boldly invites the questions we only feel safe enough to ask in the community of other curious women ready to shift the current paradigm and soar. Each episode infuses everyday women with the strength and clarity to rise above the self-limiting beliefs we have all heard on repeat in our heads so we can step into the limitless possibilities for shining and thriving in this lifetime.
Through interviews with healers, intuitives, and other courageous women doing the work of developing our inner lives, Maureen explores how to leave the lack dance behind, reclaim our worthiness, honor our intuition, and let the light in so we can more clearly see the light in others (and ourselves).
If you want to join this global movement of healers and seekers creating a new paradigm convened by an authentic woman who embodies the transformation practices she promotes, subscribe and listen to the Mystical Sisterhood podcast today.

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Maureen Spielman

Maureen Spielman is the Founder of Mystical Sisterhood, a podcast dedicated to bringing more joy, healing and expansion to the world. She is a seasoned life coach who supports individuals through one-on-one coaching, groups and workshops.