Episode 70

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24th Apr 2024

070: Shining a Light on Feminine Wisdom in Business with Tirzah Shirai

In this episode of the Mystical Sisterhood Podcast, I welcome Tirzah Shirai, the visionary founder of the Venusian School of Business, for an enriching discussion. Their conversation spanned from creating heart and soul-centered businesses to balancing feminine and masculine energies in entrepreneurship. 

At the core of the Venusian School of Business is the principle of heart and soul-centered entrepreneurship. Tirzah and her school advocate for a business model that transcends traditional profit-driven motives, instead centering on creating value that enriches the community and the individual spiritually and emotionally. This approach challenges entrepreneurs to align their ventures with their deeper purpose and to contribute positively to the wider world.

A significant portion of the discussion revolved around harmonizing feminine and masculine energies within the business landscape. Tirzah brought forward the idea that contemporary business practices have been dominantly masculine, focusing on competition, aggression, and logic. However, she suggests that integrating feminine qualities such as intuition, empathy, and collaboration can lead to a more sustainable and fulfilling entrepreneurial journey.

One of the most captivating aspects of their conversation was the application of ancient wisdom to modern business practices. Tirzah shared how teachings from the ancient mystery schools are more relevant today than ever before, especially as humanity grapples with accelerated changes in society and technology. Embracing these age-old teachings can help entrepreneurs navigate their paths with more grace, wisdom, and effectiveness.

We touch upon the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital age for entrepreneurs. The overwhelming influx of information can lead to a superficial understanding and application of knowledge. However, by grounding oneself in the wisdom of ancient practices and focusing on meaningful, purpose-driven action, entrepreneurs can rise above the noise and make a genuine impact.

We talk about:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 02:13 Exploring Spiritual Connections from Childhood to Adulthood
  • 03:53 Generational Wisdom and the Evolution of Consciousness
  • 05:58 Integrating Spirituality into Business and Personal Growth
  • 10:13 The Birth of the Venusian School of Business
  • 16:07 Manifesting, Failure, and the Journey of Entrepreneurship
  • 28:42 Exploring Human Development and the Power of Will
  • 29:52 A Simple Exercise to Strengthen Your Will
  • 32:16 Embracing Imperfection and Authenticity
  • 33:08 Redefining Wealth and Empowerment for Women
  • 39:22 The Journey of Personal and Business Growth
  • 43:04 Fostering a New Generation of Consciousness

Resources mentioned in this episode:

About the Host: 

Maureen Spielman is the Founder of Mystical Sisterhood, a podcast dedicated to bringing more joy, healing and expansion to the world. She is a seasoned life coach who supports individuals through one-on-one coaching, groups and workshops. 

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Maureen Spielman is the Founder of Mystical Sisterhood, a podcast dedicated to bringing more joy, healing and expansion to the world. She is a seasoned life coach who supports individuals through one-on-one coaching, groups and workshops.